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RE: What does AISC's Research Show? (Was: ASD vs. LRFD)

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Title: RE: What does AISC's Research Show? (Was: ASD vs. LRFD)

A few short answers because I'm on my way out of the office until next week:

On  the subject of whether AISC takes LRFD/ASD polls:
We certainly pay attention to the sentiments of the general engineering public, but no credible code writer would use a poll to decide what is the right thing to do. Polls are tools for politicians like Slick Willie. I intend the first sentence to be totally serious; the second to be partly humorous and partly serious.

On the subject of LRFD and ASD in education:
The educational system is about as close to 100% LRFD as it could possibly be. This is OK, though, even if many get out and practice in ASD. Why you ask? Because if you are taught in LRFD, you understand member and system behavior because that is its basis. Then you can easily pick up the ASD approach and depend upon your broader understanding. If you are trained in ASD, though, it's not as easy to go the other way.