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More Interesting Questions from the Peer Reviewer

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I mentioned yesterday some comments/questions I was getting from the Peer
Reviewer on my traffic sign support structures. Here are a few more. I was
kind of "confused" by the questions, since I got the impression there was a
general feeling on his part that "you're not doing it like we're used to
seeing it done", yet the things he was citing were (to me, at least)

I know some of these might seem "dumb", but I realize even at my advanced
age, I haven't seen everything under the sun, and need to keep apprised of
alternate views.

1. Q. "Why are you bearing the base plate directly on the concrete when
usually, these are "double nut" type connections? The compression forces go
into the foundation direction through the anchor bolts."

A. Hm. Typically, base plates of this size (note: we're talking about base
plates that are 26" long by 18" wide by 2 1/4" thick due to large
overturning forces from wind, as you might expect) bear directly on a grout
pad to insure uniform bearing. That is how we design this.

(FOLLOW UP: HIS comment was "well I've never seen them design this way for
signage structures") (!!!)

2. Q. "Why haven't you detailed these structures for construction?"

A. Because the fabrication and erection details will be forthcoming from the
fabricator throught the contractor.

(FOLLOW UP: "Well, no one else is doing it your way. They're all giving
details suitable for fabrication and erection without shop drawings")


I admit the possibility that certain "niche" construction items might be
handled differently, but some of his questions are glaring in their (to my
admittedly narrow view) ignorance of the way things are normally done on
constructed projects.

The only time I've seen #2 done in the way he seems to think it should be,
is in the area of industrial/plant work, where the contracts are typically
"design/build" and there is a bit more detailing for construction to be done
for "miscellaneous steel" which may be field-fabbed using typical connection
details, etc., agreed upon in advance. There, you certainly have no shop
drawings, but do have an understanding of what is to be done in certain
situations (i.e. you have the connection details available to you in

Comments, please.