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Re: 'Way Off Topic -- Hellooo, Aussies

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I will compile a list for you and email it shortly. However, the 
obvious starting points are the Sydney Harbour bridge(if he isn't 
scared of heights, he can go for a tour to the top of the bridge), the 
Opera House.

Give me a few days.

Peter McCormack

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Subject:        	'Way Off Topic -- Hellooo, Aussies
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> My son is planning a trip to Australia, August or later this year.  His
> length of stay is uncertain.  It could be as short as 3 weeks, or as long
> as 3 months.
> Can any of you (actives or lurkers) get him access to some of the "good
> structural stuff" that the tourists never see so he can get some photos for
> me.  He doesn't have too much of an engineering bent, but is willing to
> humor the "old man".
> He'll be staying north of Sydney and will be going (primarily) between
> there and Melbourne.
> And if you'll reply direct to me, we won't clutter the list so badly.
> Thanks, a million,
> Fountain E. Conner, P.E.
> Gulf Breeze, Fl. 32561