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RE: What does AISC's Research Show? (Was: ASD vs. LRFD)

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It was stated that:

>On  the subject of whether AISC takes LRFD/ASD polls:
We certainly pay attention to the sentiments of the general engineering
public, but no credible code writer would use a poll to decide what is the
right thing to do. Polls are tools for politicians like Slick Willie.<

It has been suggested that we have less to fear from a crooked politician
than from a true believer who KNOWS the TRUTH.   The politician can be
influenced once he understands the will of the electorate and realizes that
unless he changes he will no longer have a job, but the true believer is
unwilling to admit  that there can be another equally valid answer.

I still have not heard any real proof from either side that ASD or LRFD is
the right thing.  I have heard a lot of  reasons, some of which I agree
with, but I have heard no proof.  Given this state of affairs it is not
clear why there can be no compromise or accommodation especially given that
fact that there has been political compromises in every code writing effort
I have been a part of.  There have even been a few code changes that were
adopted only to be proven technically incorrect at a later date.

Given that AISC's reason for existence it to promote the use of steel, why
are they working so hard at alienating a significant portion of the
engineering community? 

Mark Gilligan