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RE: Industrial Projects Design Codes (Was: ASD vs. LRFD)

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That was a little confusing.

Early in my career I worked exclusively in the industrial field (power
plants, pulp/paper, cement plants, mining ...) and used ASD all of the time
because that is what everyone else I worked with was using.  All of my
collegues still working in the industrial field are still using ASD
exclusively today.

Now, I work mostly on commercial projects and use LRFD, again because that
is what most of the others I work with use.  When in Rome... LRFD is
obviously a tremendous benefit when working with composite structures of
concrete and steel as is common in commercial buildings (the concrete and
steel designs are then in the same language!)

I feel I must add that I was taught in school using ASD but have found
transitioning to LRFD not much of a problem.  

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> Subject:	Industrial Projects Design Codes (Was: ASD vs. LRFD)
> Why the distinction?
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> For commercial projects: Mainly LRFD, some ASD
> For industrial projects: All ASD