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BOCA stairs

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This isn't really a structural question but I'm sure a
lot of you have experienced this situation.  We do a
lot of industrial work and are often bound by BOCA. 
It seems to me that we must design our stairs with a
7" max riser and an 11" min tread per BOCA but it
doesn't seem to me that many other architects or
engineers are doing this for industrial applications. 
Am I missing something in the Code that allows me to
not have a stair going up to a piece of equipment that
has such a shallow slope that my grandmother can climb
up it?  (I know about the alternating tread stair but
that is not what I want.)

The other thing that doesn't seem to be done by most
other engineers in industrial buildings is the
handrail extensions at the top and bottom of the
stairs.  It seems to me that they would be required at
all stairs here in BOCA land.

As always - thanks for your insights
Ken Peoples, P. E.
Lehigh Valley Technical Associates

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