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RE: old joist

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According to AISC Manual 7th Ed, c. 1973 (just happened to have it out 
checking some old joists of my own!)

Net Span      Total Load     Live Load to produce l/360
59'           271 plf         158 plf
60'           262             150
61'           254             143

Self-weight = 20 plf

AISC Spec says: "The vertical shears to be used in the design of the web 
members shall be determined from full uniform loading but such vertical shear 
shall be not less than 25 percent of the end reaction"

Pete Allen, PE

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	Can anyone give me the allowable loads for '78 vintage 32LH07's, 60'
span????  Also, did the SJI LH spec at that time require a minimum shear at
midspan like they do with the K's now???

Brian K. Smith, P.E.