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Fwd: Re: Understanding Series

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Attention SEAINT:

Re:   recent thread of messages about TV programs  (on engineering  - dynamics of structures)

I offer the following response

Bob  Johnson
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   Thank you for contacting The Discovery Channel.  We do not have any re-air
   dates for  Understanding Skyscrapers or Understaning Bridges at this time.
   We change our program schedule quarterly (4 quarters per year) and have our
   completed schedules through June of 2000. Please feel free to contact Viewer
   Relations via e-mail or call us toll free at 1-888-404-5969 between 8 AM and
   6 PM (ET), Monday through Friday around the beginning of June 2000, as we
   should be receiving schedule updates.

   Understanding Bridges and Understanding Skyscrapers are both available on
   video.  You may order by calling 1-800-475-6636.

   The company that brings you Discovery Channel has launched a new network
   called Discovery Health Channel.  Discovery Health Channel brings viewers
   instant access to the rapidly changing world of health, medicine and
   wellness.  From real-life medical experiences, to breakthrough documentaries,
   to reliable advice and an exchange of the latest health news and information,
   Discovery Health Channel empowers viewers to lead healthier, more vigorous
   lives.  Visit Health on-line at for more information about
   this great new channel and to find out how to reach your local cable or
   satellite provider to request Discovery Health Channel.

   Viewer Relations
   Discovery Networks

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