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Blast resistant Structures

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At 08:30 AM 27/04/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>I need your help on the following :
>Topic:  Considerations of structures designed to
>resist brief and rare Explosion or Impact loads
>I am looking for some guide or other document/text
>that addresses how a rare and brief explosive load
>should be treated as relates to the design of a
>strucural support providing restraint.  Specifically,
>I am designing some supports for restraining inlet and
>exhaust piping from a vessel that may experience an
>accidental ignition of it's contents.  These supports
>must restrain the loads.  However, I understand that
>due to the probability and the brief duration of the
>event,  allowable stresses may be rationalized to
>either full yield or some percentage greater than

Blast Resistant Design is an interesting field, the following references
could be useful:

1.- Impact and Explosion, Analysis and Design by M.Y.H Bangash, CRC Press.

2.- Blast Resistant Structures, Design Manual 2.08, Naval Facilities
Engineering Command.

3.- Structures to Resist the Effects of Accidental Explosions, NAVFAC P-397.

4.- DAHS CWE manual: Design and Analysis of Hardened Structures, by U.S.
Defense Threat Reduction Agency.


Adolfo Galvez, SE, MSc.
Lima - PERU