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Concrete Walls

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     I would like to get the lists opinion of a code interpretation of out of 
plane shear on walls. Section 11.10.1 says " Design for shear perpendicular to 
face of wall shall be in accordance with provisions for slabs in 11.12 ". 
Substituting wall for slab in section sends us to 11.1 through 11.5. Subtitling wall for slab in gives us an exception from the minimum steel requirement if Vu 
exceeds one half phi Vc. I believe this is the way to interpenetrate this. The 
commentary for section R11.5.5 talks about load sharing which would be the same 
for slabs and walls.
     I would have ask the ACI this question if I knew an e-mail address where 
they answer or discuss such items.
    Thanks in advance for all replies.

Acie Chance