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RE: ASD vs. LRFD & Demosthenes

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Are you referring to:
Demosthenes the general (5th century BC) who was killed before he was 30
years old during a failed retreat.
Demosthenes the greater orator, politician, and protagonist of Philip of
Macadonia (4th century BC) who fled to an island where he took poison and
Diogenes the philosopher and original cynic (4th & 5th century BC) who
taught to shun convention.  He revered practical knowledge over theoretical
knowledge.  He was also the guy who searched with a lighted lamp in daylight
for an honest man.  He lived till he was 90 years old and died on the day
Alexander the Great died.

Me thinks.... Diogenese.

I got involved in the last ASD vs. LRFD debate.  This time I just wanted to
have a little fun.

Harold Sprague

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> THERE! Demosthenes would be proud!