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FW: What does AISC's Research Show? (Was: ASD vs. LRFD)

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Title: FW: What does AISC's Research Show? (Was: ASD vs. LRFD)

Mark Gilligan wrote:

I think that is a little dramatic.  AISC is not saying that ASD is bad, evil, etc.  What we are saying is that we are no longer willing to straddle the fence on this issue.  AISC was formed to standardize the structural steel industry.  Supporting two design specifications is contrary to that mission.  We need to promote one method.  The Committee on Specifications has been discussing this issue for many years.  It was their decision to promote LRFD [ I should point out that committee membership is not contingent on being pro-LRFD :o) ] and I think it is unfair to characterize the 50 or so volunteers who make up the committee as being of one mind and totally deaf to other opinions. 


BTW, I do not remember anyone promoting LRFD with the argument that "it will alienate a significant portion of the engineering community" :o)