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Re: Light Gauge Info

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Paul, Ken, Dennis, Scott, et al.,

Thanks to all for information about the LGSI, esp. the URL to Loseke's web 
site.  I get four or five calls a year from people who want to know if 
they've published a more recent version of their Design Handbook and I've not 
been able to refer them anywhere.  The phone number on the site is one I 
haven't tried yet, and when it's a decent hour in the (972) area code I plan 
to check it out.

>From a quick scan of their web site this morning (before coffee, I might add) 
it appears that it is a membership organization comprised of stud 
fabricators, whose main thrust is the standardization of stud properties and 
labeling/identification.  If so, it would appear that the LGSI may have 
started work that has been superceeded by the Steel Stud Manufacturers 
Association.  SSMA members produce roughly 80 percent of the cold-formed 
studs used in North America.  In 1996 they agreed to a set of dimensional 
standards and, more recently, labeling and a standard nomenclature.  Members 
have already begun operating with the standards, but it becomes fully 
implemented with the publication of the Product Technical Specifications 
catalogue that's due out in June.  (contact them at (312) 782-4951, or

We (the LGSEA) work very closely with them in a number of areas, but I have 
not yet crossed paths with the LGSI.  Hopefully the new phone number I now 
have will cure that.

Thanks again,

Larry Williams
Light Gauge Steel Engineers Association