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RE: Light Gauge Info

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Don't bother - I will do the same as I have Acrobat 4.05 (whatever the
latest is). Thanks for the offer - I've done this with a number of sites.
Just tell me one thing - what settings do you use or do you tell it to get
the entire site only on that server? This is the only thing that confuses me
about Acrobat.


PS: I've been making most all of my long distance calls to family with It allows me to call using voice over DSL to a conventional
telephone or computer. It works very well, although at some peak times the
return packets do get a bit garbled. In most cases, the other party does not
know I'm calling via the internet and is surprised to find out. I think it
works very well for free phone calling.

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I copied the site into a PDF file. I will e-mail it to you later.

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> Ken,
> This is a great website - thanks for the link. I have a
> couple of questions
> since I have been a member of LGSEA for a couple of years: