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Results: ASD vs. LRFD

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Since the responses have died down, I now let you all know the results of
my extremely scientific poll.  ;-)

There were a total of about 53 responses.  Those 53 messages actually
may respresent quite a few more people than just 53.  Several messages
gave a response for there multi-person office.  There were a couple that
gave a response in the name of as many as 80 or so people.  However, I
only kept track of the actual number of email responses for each choice.

The results:

For ASD only:  26

For LRFD only:  4

For mostly ASD:  16

For mostly LRFD:  4

Half ASD and half LRFD:  3

It would appear that a large majority of people still use ASD.  This seems
consistant with my experience with the trend here in the Detroit area.


Scott Maxwell, SE, PE