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Bridge Piling

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We assisting in the design review of a bridge abutment and the piling.  The piles are approx 2' diam, filled with concrete and there are typically 4# per abutment.  May I please cull some comment/opinion?
1)    What are the material properties of ASTM 262 Grade 2 steel pipe?  I.e. Fy, Fu etc
2)    What is the equivalent composite section Moment of Inertia I?  Can they considered to be just concrete filled Hollow Steel Sections (HSS) with the consideration that the D/t ratio is large or is there a fancy formula I haven't read about?
3)    What depth is the point of fixity for piles?  We often assume 6 x diam.  Poulos has some sophisticated formulae but they appear to be soil properties sensitive.
4)    Is buckling ever a problem with steel bridge piles?
5)    This a two span bridge; should we be concerned with excessive lateral deflection at the centre pier if the bridge supports are "fixed" in the horizontal plane at all support points?  If so what's a good value, or should we analyze the relative horizontal deck rotations to answer that one?

Thor A Tandy P.Eng, MCSCE
Victoria BC
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