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RE: Grade 50 Steel Designation

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By the time you put in the caveats (supplementary requirements) necessary
for the A572 your better off using the A 992 spec.  That is what we are
doing.  It is what is being manufactured anyway.  And there is no price
differential.  It is the first time that a real carbon equivalent is
specified.  A992 is your friend.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Grade 50 Steel Designation
> Friends,
> We typically put a note on our drawings that says steel (WF shapes) are
> to be ASTM A572, Grade 50.  However, we recently had a peer reviewer say
> that we should probably specify ASTM A992.  
> I spoke with a contact at a local steel fab shop, and he said that the
> 992 is probably more readily available, but is no less expensive than
> the 572.  The 992 is the "dual certification" steel.
> Any comments?  What do you guys specify?  Is there a reason to specify
> one over the other if we're getting 50 ksi either way?
> Thanks in advance,
> Michael D. Ritter, PE