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H - 1B Legislation

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Attention Fellow  (STRUCTURAL)  Engineers:

Where do we stand on the following issue?

It am in receipt of the following message from  AEA

=  American Engineering Alliance


Subj:   H1B Visa Legislation in Congress
Date:   00-04-30 19:54:27 EDT
From:   NSPE
To: Rtax(--nospam--at)
CC: Rbengrguy, Chrispetal, ComunelliL(--nospam--at)

I got your message. Lou Comunelli will be contacting you to see what we , 
together ,can do to stop this mad rush to open up the gates to unlimited 
immigration for technical people. We will be mobilizing our colleagues in the 
various Engineering Societies as well as the technical unions that represent  
thousands of Engineers. In particular, I want NSPE to take an active role in 
opposing these ill-conceived bills. The present position of NSPE is to remain 
neutral ! I can't believe that they are not aware of what this does to our 
Profession. Our Profession , like many other segments of industry, is subject 
to the "law of supply and demand". By increasing the supply of Engineers you 
keep Engineering salaries low. This is what industry wants. The Engineering 
Societies that represent our Profession are not doing anything to protect the 
economic interests of Engineers. We need to send a message to the misguided 
leadership of the various Engineering Societies. If they don't get on board 
and start protecting the interests of the average Engineer, they will need to 
be replaced. It's in their long term interest ,as well as the interest of the 
Profession, to promote higher Engineering salaries so that we may attract 
bright students to our Profession and at the same time elevate the stature of 
our profession. It's amazing what higher salaries will do to the standing of 
a profession!!
Sal Galletta,PE


If you have strong feeling about this issue PLEASE   contact  AEA

Send your comments to     admin(--nospam--at)

or                                      NSPE(--nospam--at)


As always,

Bob  Johnson