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For those of you who do a fair amount of LA City Division 91 and LA
County Chapter 95 work:

1.  We have typically doubled up the existing subpurlins that are to be
anchored with new full length 2x subpurlins.  The 2-2x subpurlins are
supported at each end with a new hanger.  The new 2-2x is attached to
the diaphragm with A35 clips.  I would be curious to know what some
other offices are doing.

2.  Do you carry the building continuity ties through the full length of
the building or do you stop them by nesting subdiaphragms until a full
width subdiaphragm can be justified?

3.  Do you specify an arbitrary minimum end distance between the holdown
and the end of the wood member even though the holdown is self-jigging?

4.  A contractor has told me that what he sees some engineers do to
reduce or eliminate subpurlin continuity ties is to reduce the depth of
the subdiaphragm by increasing the subpurlin nailing at the time of the
next reroof.  Is this common practice?

Thanks for the assistance,

Jeff Coronado, S.E.
West Covina, CA