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RE: off-subject: virus

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I have read two differing reports on whether it overwrites jpg (as well as
other file types).  

I believe that it doesn't necessarily overwrite the files, only adds itself
on as an extension to the file.  Either way, the worm will re-launch itself
when you try to open the infected files and there is no cure to repair them
(rendering them useless).  Reports from Europe include a couple
magazine/publishing type companies that had entire hard drives full of
images effectively wiped out from the worm.

This is another great reminder that unsolicited and attachments should never
be opened unless you are absolutely sure what it contains.  This worm can
only spread if the person receiving the message opens the attachment.

Troy Madlem 
Ter Horst, Lamson & Fisk, Inc. 
Ph. (317) 328-1500 Fax (317) 328-9383 

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One more thing.  I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that the worm also
overwrites JPG files with a copy of itself.  The worm is activated all over
again when one opens the corrupted  JPG file(s).