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RE: off-subject: virus

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Title: RE: off-subject: virus
I am not really familiar with this worm. The last one I found was an EXE file that listed itself as a self-expanding Zip file. This was the reason why I was dumb enough to trigger it. I don't see how the same thing can happen with a JPG file since this is a data (graphic) file and is not capable of launching macro's or executables (or bat files). The worm must be some innocuous "program" that can execute instructions which will modify the registry, system files or other executable files.
I don't see how a JPG file can reproduce itself or cause changes to a computer system.
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One more thing.  I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that the worm also overwrites JPG files with a copy of itself.  The worm is activated all over again when one opens the corrupted  JPG file(s).