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Re: "Delta Truss"?

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We have done many trusses w/ the "Delta" X-section configuration as I think 
you describe, although none are in stainless, just good old A-36.  The bottom 
chords have been of various section types, but mostly either a round pipe or 
an equal leg angle oriented at 45o.  Top chords were in the main tube 
sections or wide flange, with web members being angles or pipe.  Example 
structures for reference are the Events Facility and Gymnasium at Cal Poly 
San Luis Obispo (a design award winner at the 1997 SEAOC convention), the Red 
Morton Community Center in Redwood City, CA and the day ski-lodge at Kirkwood 
Meadows, CA.  Hope these references help your search for examples.

Ephraim G. Hirsch, SE