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RE: off-subject: virus

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We also were off line for a big portion of the day yesterday.  Ford dodged
the bullet by their European users sending a warning to the US, and the
system administrators filtered out the e-mails, and sent warnings to all
those that were on their system.

We have a tendency to come down hard on those posting false alarms on this
list.  I would rather research a hundred false alarms, then get cleaned out
by one for real deal.  

If you will recall, I sent out the Melissa warning to this list last year.
By the time I was aware of this latest  problem yesterday, our server
seized.  Melissa only sent out messages to the first 20 or 30 addresses in
Outlook.  The "Love Bug" sent them everywhere and corrupted files.

Were any of our European subscribers aware of the worm earlier?  If so, were
you dissuaded from posting a warning on this list?  

Harold Sprague

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> Just FYI: we were totally knocked down by this thing yesterday. Had CAD
> people wandering the halls with coffee mugs, just kind of mumbling to each
> other.
> We're still partially down today. This thing was MEAN.