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Q) Diaphragm Drift

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A question re: Drift per 97 ubc. Does one need to consider the deflection of
a flexible diaphragm into ones drift calculations, and building separation

        +-----+  +------+
        |     |  |      |
        |     |  |      |
        |     |  |      |
        |     |  |      |
        +-----+  +------+
            ->|  |<-

eg. two buildings above separated by w/ frames in the X-X direction
and a
flex diaph, where would be measured from?
   a) at the frames
   b) at bldg. c.m.
   c) midspan of flex diaph considering both buildings to be 180 deg out of

Thanks in Advance

Rod Whitsel

PS I am asking since the Seismic Design Manual Vol 1 Example 50 states the
delta.s of each building without any great detail as to where on the level
this is calculated from.