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Foam Over Underground Sewer

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Foam will not necessarily prevent overloading of the storm sewer.  The foam
is not necessarily as soft as you assume.  There are several different
grades of foam with different strengths.  You would need to make sure that
the foam could not transmit a load that would cause problems. 

 Refer to ASTM C 578.  This standard gives strength at 10% strain.  You can
get numbers corresponding to 0.5% and 1% strains from some manufacturers.

You may also want to consider the use of cardboard forms which will support
the concrete during placement but will deteriorate leving a void.  If you
prefer this route contact SureVoid Products, Inc., Englewood, CO.

You should also consider the fact that footings that are adjacent to a pipe
can place a surcharge on the pipe, so you might want to consult with the
geotechnical engineer to see how far you should stay from the pipe.

Mark Gilligan

Message text written by INTERNET:seaint(--nospam--at)
>I've got a project where I'm placing a new wall footing over a 36" storm
sewer.  I want to place 2" of foam over the sewer to ensure the pipe isn't
surcharged due to the new building wall/continuous footing.

Does anyone have recommendations as to a type or specification of foam.
Soil is sandy without a high water table.