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Omega-Not and Braced Frame Baseplate Connections

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It was asked:

>>>Should the steel design of the anchor bolts be check for Omega loads ?

The concrete design of the anchor bolts is based on section 1923 (p2-168)
the 97 UBC and does not require the use of the omega loads.<<<

Would failure of the anchor bolts before other elements of your system
result in an acceptable failure mode?  

Where would energy be dissipated in the system?

The R value for a braced frame was based on the assumption of yielding or
buckling in the brace.  If the anchor bolts fail before the brace can yield
or buckle then the use of R for braced frames is not justified.  Given this
what R should you use?

If you can answer these questions you will have your answer.

Mark Gilligan