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Re: Marketing Structural Engineering Services

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Can anyone comment on their success, or failure, with website advertising?
I agree that while Client chemistry etc is paramount, networking (discussion group?) can also create a "pool of trust" which often spins off into new opportunities.  A discussion group may broaden that pool, subject to the usual hesitation of "don't bring in more labor than is necessary".
Closer to home, I have often found that between engineers (companies) there is, to some extent, an amazing geniality while discussing projects, concepts, etc (on a non-involved basis) until the gates actually open and money, job procurement, and turf protection, and so on, start becoming issues that may affect future prospects and/or profit margins..  This does not imply a stereotype, but except for my own immediate "support" group, I have learnt to avoid any talk like "...what's a good way to get work in your neck of the woods...?".  Then, like any area of competition, it's "dog eat dog".  In some respects that usually submarines any mutual cooperation for direct marketing or project search.
I suggest that if we are to have a meaningful dialogue we will have to accept that some of the tips, ideas, or introductions that will be floated may lead to one of us procuring projects in another's area of operations.  Would that scuttle this proposed discussion?
Thor A Tandy P.Eng, MCSCE
Victoria BC
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Subject: RE: Marketing Structural Engineering Services

>I think this is an important topic for Structurals to look into as
>well, especially for those wishing to expand their services to new
I've beenpart of a fair number of discussions and a few actual marketing
efforts, and 'm left with the impression that traditional marketing
approaches are ill-suited to engineering services. ........