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Re: Foam Over Underground Sewer

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Messge from our IT group I thought Iwould pass along

There are now variants of the same virus out there that appear with other title lines.  One really tricky one to look out for is "Mother's Day Order Confirmation".  It masquerades as a confirmation of a credit card order for Mother's Day.  Its even worse than "ILOVEYOU" because it attacks a different set of files that will be more damaging to your system.  "Very Funny" is another one.

PLEASE do not open any messages with odd title lines.  Definitely don't open any questionable attachments.  There is no way to know what may show up but you can be sure that there will be more.

If you see something that you think may carry a virus:

Delete it without opening.  (If you open the message, don't open the attachment - that's the major danger)