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RE: off-subject: virus

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Title: RE: off-subject: virus

Halff Associates also suffered from this virus.  I tried to send a post to the Listserv in mid-morning yesterday, but our email server crashed before I hit the send button.  It is up and running today, operating at about 2% of normal speed.  Left behind are numerous damaged computers, and a file server which is continuing to propagate the virus through thousands of corrupted files (especially JPGs and DOCs).  In addition to supervising the structural engineering group, I also oversee the virtual reality group.  They are devastated, having lost hundreds of huge graphics files that took thousands of man-hours to create.  Not a pretty sight!

Everyone needs to be aware that the virus in now making repeat appearances under new names.  One is "fwd: joke", and another refers to a receipt for a bogus Mother's Day purchase.  There are some really sick geeks out there!  I recommend that everyone avoid opening any email attachments until at least early next week.

Stan Caldwell
Dallas, Texas