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RE: Marketing Structural Engineering Services

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I think that the most productive use of marketing for structural engineers
is to invest a portion of our professional association dues in public
relations and education of the layperson (i.e.., general public). I believe
that even architects, who study basic statics and strength of materials,
lack in depth understanding of the complexities of our field. Presented with
projects, we are expected to overcome all obstacles and limitations to make
the structure appear to defy laws of nature while providing an expectation
of safety and performance.  When we ask for compromise, the most often reply
is, "We hired you to make it work."  Most times, compromise is simply not an
option, and creative solutions are criticized by those who must build it.
I don't see the perception of the services we can offer clients or the
general public without first educating them as what contribution we make to
the design process.

Dennis S. Wish, PE

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I think to kick this topic off, you need to define your targets. Most
firms limit their marketing effort to certain areas for a variety of
reasons. Some reasons may be profit margin, liability, too much
competition (too much marketing effort required to secure a project),
expertise, bad experience with a particular entity, etc.

Here is a partial list of some general marketing targets:

Architects (various building types may be included or excluded)
Government Agencies
Professional Organizations

I am sure that there are others.

Jim Kestner, P.E.
Green Bay, Wi.