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FW: Service Announcement Regarding the "Lovebug" Virus

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Now here is aggressive marketing - albeit exploitive:o)  But then again, how
bad is exploitation when your out to profit on a "good" thing.  Hope our
profession doesn't look like this when a natural disaster hits.


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Subject: Service Announcement Regarding the "Lovebug" Virus

Dear Customer,

By now you've probably heard of the "Lovebug" or "Love Letter"
virus that has infected millions of computers world-wide. Many
of you have asked us if we have a solution for recovering data
lost to the virus.

By working around the clock, our engineers have developed
a version of EasyRecovery that retrieves data lost to the
"Lovebug".  This is available for only $49.95 (USD) at:

If you haven't heard of this virus yet, you can get
more information on our website -

IMPORTANT:  If you receive an email where the subject line is:
"ILOVEYOU", please press alt + delete immediately. Do NOT open!!

If you have questions or run into problems regarding this or any
virus, please don't hesitate to call us at:

United States: 1-800-872-2599
Outside the US: 1-952-937-5161
European Freephone : 00 800 10 12 13 14



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