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Re: 10/lw factor

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Sent: Friday, May 05, 2000 9:44 PM
Subject: RE: 10/lw factor

Stephen (spelled the same as my middle name:o)

..........abuse within the community. This is the same as limiting an engineers
professional judgment when we, as a professional community, have been
extolling the need for competent engineers to rely heavily upon their
understanding and rationalization for mechanics and the subsequent
performance of structures.

As an example, the code restricts the aspect ratio of a shearwall to 2:1.
Does this mean that building official is obligated not to accept any designs
where the wall ratio exceeds this. Or, does it simply require the engineer
to prove by additional analysis that a narrower wall can be designed (as
would a proprietary shear wall) with appropriate stiffness despite the lack
of compliance to code?
An engineer would have to tread carefully before submitting a design that did not comply with the code.  Was it not Mr. T. Y. Lin (Prestress guru?) severely judged for not complying?

Thor A Tandy P.Eng, MCSCE
Victoria BC
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