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Why people can't unsubscribe

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Paul Ransom writes:

>>I'm one of those people that believe that if a significant number of
people can't figure out the procedure then there is a procedural
problem. It's the interface issue that is broken, not the people. The
technology is our servant not the master.<<

Sometimes the problem is also with the technology.  A request to be REMOVED 
from the list recently came (at least to me) in three parts:  Part 1 
contained the header only; Part 2, although it was ASCII text, came as a 
BINARY attachment; Part 3, the same message as in Part 2 except that it was 
in HTML, came thru also as a BINARY attachment.  I don't think that the 
server is capable of or does read attachments.

These attachments are the result of M$ default settings where everything that 
is sent using Outlook or other M$ programs is duplicated in HTML and sent as 
an attachment.  I routinely delete these attachments without reading them.  
There are several regular contributors (Charlie Carter, Bill Polhemus, Thor 
Tandy, among others --- these immediately come to mind) whose posts regularly 
contain HTML attachments that do nothing but duplicate what their ASCII 
message said.  (And we wonder why attachments that contain viri are routinely 

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona