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RE: Steel Connection Software

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There is the DESCON software which designs welded steel connections. There
are two products: DesconWin for beam-to-column connections, beam splices and
beam to girder connections. You can purchase either the ASD or LRFD version.
Advertised price $250.00.
Descon Brace is a steel connection design software for braced frame type
structures using ASD procedure. Price $350.00.  Both are available from The company advertises that they have been around
for 15 years.
I am not personally knowledgeable about their products but a close friend
has been using both of these and speaks very highly of programs. The results
are written in RTF format, which is easily read by most word processors so
the output can be easily embellished. My friend indicated that each uses a
Windows based graphical processor and that when you change a connection the
model presented on screen changes at the same time. I'm not sure about
DesconWin, but when you are finished designing the braced frame connections,
you can export the design by DXF into Autocad and do not need to redraw it.

I would say it is worth looking at. You can call them at 888-8-DESCON which
is an Oakland CA. based company or you can e-mail them at

Dennis S. Wish, PE

PS: They have examples on their Webpage where I have gathered much of this
information for you.

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Subject: Steel Connection Software

As I understand JJK and Associates has a good product called Quick Connect.
any one
knows how I can contact them?
Joseph Harouni
p.s. Are there other steel connection software's around?