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Re: Why people can't unsubscribe

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The problem is that the instructions in the footer that everybody refers to
is incorrect.  The proper way to unscribe is in a note from Shafat Qazi
(subject: "How to Unsubscribe"; dated: 11/15/1999 1:58 PM).  It states that
you type "leave seaint oldaddress(--nospam--at)".  The instructions in the
footer neglect to tell you to type your email address into the body of the
note.  This appears to be a common problem.  I suggest that the footer
should be ammended so that this problem would be corrected.

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Subject: Re: Why people can't unsubscribe

> Perhaps we should ask a couple of people who asks to be removed the
following question
>  "What kept you from reading the instructions at the end":
> 1) Didn't notice them
> 2) Forgot they were there
> 3) My server does not accept emails that begin with "admin" <that's my
case>, and I did not have access to the web at the time.
> 4) Got a little lazy and just hoped someone would automatically
unsubscribe me from the list.
> 5) I just wanted to frustrate a couple of people on my way out :).
> 6) Enjoy starting another thread about unsubscribing.
> ed arrington
> >>> ad026(--nospam--at) 05/06/00 09:09AM >>>
> > From: "Polhemus, Bill" <wlpolhemus(--nospam--at)>
> > Why is it that folks can figure out how to SUBCRIBE, no problem.
> > But they are HELPLESS when it comes to unsubscribing!
> > I've noticed this on every list I've been on including those I've owned.
> I'm one of those people that believe that if a significant number of
> people can't figure out the procedure then there is a procedural
> problem. It's the interface issue that is broken, not the people. The
> technology is our servant not the master.
> One obvious issue is the fact that the unsubscribe instructions are
> BURIED in the trailer. Secondly, have you noticed how many people refer
> to being REMOVED rather than unsubscribed? Maybe the term is foreign to
> them.
> Perhaps, a slight change would be useful (see below)
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