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Re: ASP - Application Service Providers - how will engineers re

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>I have a cable modem service, but even then it
>is not as fast as working off-line.
The secret is to work on-line as little as possible. I've run large scale 
FEA software remotely, and it's a great time and resource saver _if_ 
you're not sitting around waiting for the server to finish doing 
something complicated. ANSYS (among others) can run from command listing 
file--as if you were running from a big macro. You start the program and 
log off the ASP server while your job runs. You may have to put your 
command listing together by running a preprocessor interactively, but 
that's usually very cheap and very fast. 

The really great thing about doing heavy weight crunching remotely is 
that your desktop machine isn't tied up while things happen and your hard 
drive isn't cluttered with scratch and page files.

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