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RE: ASP - Application Service Providers - how will engineers re

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This, along with the InfoWorld focus has been what prompted my questions. I
was concerned with the articles in Smart Business as I felt it was pro-ASP
without discussing many of the industry concerns especially as they relate
to the UCITA. There are many concerns from security issues, reliability, the
power of the vendor to cut off service without appropriate notification and
much more.
Once ASP's become a way of life, we will be paying monthly (I would guess)
for all the services we need for business, and personal life. Very little
becomes tangible goods, and one lost or late payment can destroy our
business in relatively short order.
Leasing our professional practices month to month has me greatly concerned
as to who has the controlling interest. At least with the software in my
machine and physically in my office I can continue to work while resolving


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The premier issue of Ziff Davis PC Computing Smart Business for the New
Economy (May 2000) has a section on ASP's (application service providers).
It's titled "Never Buy Software Again".   (pages 168 through 186)

Although no engineering sites are mentioned, one can possibly foretell the
future for engineers.

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