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RE: Section properties of old steel beams

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Here is the info I have on the American Standard Beams.  The flanges are
tapered with the thicker part (tb1) at the beam web.  I couldn't find the
last beam.

Hope this helps.

20" x 65.4# I : d = 20, b=6.25, tb1= 1.029, tb2=.55, tw=.5

10" x 25.4# I : d=10, b=4.66, tb1=.673, tb2=.31, tw=.31

8" x 18.4# I: d=8, b=4.0, tb1=.581, tb2=.27, tw=.27

7" x 15.3# I: d=7, b=3.66, tb1=.534, tb2=.25, tw=.25

7" x 9.8# I:  ???

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Subject: Section properties of old steel beams

I'm working on a small addition to a building in San Francisco that was
built in 1915.  There are several beams for which I need some dimensions.  I
think flange width and thickness, overall depth and web thickness would be
all I need.  The beam designations are:

20" x 65.4# I
10" x 25.4# I
8" x 18.4# I
7" x 15.3# I
7" x 9.8# I

I'd appreciate any help you fine folks (with old steel manuals) can give me.
Thanks in advance.