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Re: ASP - Application Service Providers - how will engineers receive them????

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Unfortunately there is a major difference between the current practice
of "not supporting" a particular version past a certain date, and the
proposed renting.  So AutoDesk doesn't support R12 anymore.  So what?
It still does everything it did the first day out of the box.  You don't
get all the new bells and whistles of R2000 they have since convinced us
we can't live without.  And you didn't get them last year either when
you were perfectly content with R12.  The only downside I've found with
being one release behind is compatibility with my leading edge
customers.  But I've never yet had problems telling them that they have
to save files in an old release when they send them to me.  This works
with AutoCAD, WordPerfect, Quattro, M$Word and Excel, and has for many
years.  With the new proposals the venders will actually FORCE us to
upgrade.  Not a pleasant thought even ignoring the price.  However, if
enough users object, our wonderful free market system will create a
supplier that will sell what the buyer wants to buy.