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Re: ASP - Application Service Providers - how will engineers re

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>ACAD 12 is no longer supported by Autodesk.  I bought the R14 upgrade. 
>Autodesk probably won't support it past this year.  If Autodesk were given
>this *power*, you could expect a monthly fee, plus upgrade fees, plus
>parking fees, and anything else they could dream up.
And pretty soon people would start going to another ASP who wasn't so 
arrogant. Or using another CAD package. A good arguments for ASP's is 
that there would be many more ASP's than vendors so the software market 
would be more decentralized.

Is anyone noticing what happens when we users allow monopolies, on the 
basis that 'it's the standard,' or 'everyone does it?' And when we buy 
the argument that one vendor fits all? Do we really have the 'best' 
software when a single vendor can impose a single standard on the 
engineering community? Or for that matter, when a couple of nobodies can 
wreak millions of dollars in damage with a virus that can bring down 
thousands of computer networks literally over night?

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