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Embedded Anchor Bolts in Masonry

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The original reason for the 1" space around the anchor bolts was to see if
the bolt had grout around it.  Nothing magical.

If you, or the jurisdiction wants proof that there is grout around the 
A.B.'s, drill some small (1/4") holes --- if you don't hit air after drilling 
1-1/2 inches, you have grout.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Oshin Tosounian wrote:

>>I have a building under construction where the mason installed the anchor 
bolts without the 1 inch grout space around them. The wall is a three story 
concrete block and is up 2-1/2 stories. The inspector caught it while 
inspecting the wall at the 2-1/2 story level and the bolts are at the 2nd and 
3rd floor levels. Are there any ways of accepting these bolts (two 7/8" @ 16" 
o.c.) if they meet a "certain" criteria? (load test, calculation, etc.)<<