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RE: Re[2]: ASP - Application Service Providers - how will enginee rs re

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"I'd like to know how this made it to our website AND how this company found
out about the thread on our list. Kind of scary when all list messages are
scanned for key words which hackers might locate an opportunity. I did not
see any forward or other information to indicate that it was forwarded from
a list member."

I do not find it hard to believe that of the thousands of engineers who
subscribe to this list, one or two may be directly involved in the
operations of the piracy ring, or at the very least have a close friend or
associate who is.  Thus, they probably don't need to go to great lengths to
scan lots of list serves to get the information, they probably just have a
friend or associate who mentioned it or just read it themselves.  Many
software pirates view themselves as helpful folks who get people the
software they need at reasonable prices, and so somebody probably thought
that passing along the information would be helpful and profitable.
Remember, there are plenty of folks who read this list all over the world.
We can't assume that this is somehow a bastion of honesty or a closed forum
inaccessible to those looking to make a quick buck.  

Paul Crocker