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RE: You Are Your Own ISP?

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Bill tell me more:

I am a bit upset lately - here is the problem:

1. Signed up for GTE's DSL service and kept them as an ISP for $49.95 / mo.
Everything went great and I really love the speed - HOWEVER, I tried to send
a client an zipped drawing file 5 megs in size and found out that GTE
personal service would not allow me to send files larger than 4 meg.
2. I contact customer service who offered no other suggestions than going to
a business site for $99.00 per month.
3. I contact the business division who suggested that I can save some money
by signing up for Webhosting for $24.95 per month. 5 email addresses, domain
name and no limit as to file size sent.  I checked the services and moved up
to the $29.95 / mo. service as it offered a 40 Meg website and 2 gig
downloads per month. Other services not included in the $24.95 service are
chats, discussions and other services I thought would be useful.

So now I am paying $75.00 per month. We had a 600 minute Long Distance
service for $89.00 per month. Now I am making almost all of our longest long
distance and toll calling using DialPad - free calls. There is some
distortion, but for the price I can accept it. This means that I can drop my
long distance package to $32.00 per month - saving $57.00.

Net total monthly phone bill is now $107.00 /mo. - still a big savings over
two lines and a combination of business and personal long distance which
exceeds $200.00 per month.

Are you confused yet????.)

Because of the Internet price, I get an additional 10% savings because I've
exceeded the minimum monthly expenditure for services.

Now to your question Bill - If I have web hosting, how do I eliminate the
ISP portion of my DSL service and still get on-line. I don't understand this
and find the process so confusing that it took me a week just to figure out
the basic DSL services that were available.

Please explain this to me as if I am a total neophyte - which fits in this


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Subject: You Are Your Own ISP?

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engineers re email address that I have from Mail.Com which allows me
to change ISP without having to change my actual address to my clients (it's
like a post office box which forwards all mail to me no matter where I am -
I only need to keep it updated on any ISP changes that I make).

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Dennis, did you know that, as a "DSL guy", you actually can get along just
fine WITHOUT an ISP?

It's true. Just create your own domain name, set up an email server, and
you're on your way. Your "ISP" then really is just your connection to the
net; you don't need their "servers" any more.

Note that this applies only if you have a Static IP, or at least if you have
a set of IP numbers--aka a network--that are exclusively yours.

Saving $30 to $50 per month ain't bad, in that case.