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Swimming Pools

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I have a project for renovation of a historic residence that  includes a new
swimming pool on the grounds.  It is to be a square-cornered pool that will
be finished on the inside walls and bottom with a tile mosaic.  It will be
constructed into an excavation into soil.

Where can I find structural criteria for design of this kind of structure?
What kind of recommendations should I request of the soils engineer?

I've got a copy of ACI 350R-89 Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures
that appears to have appropriate guidelines including crack control,
corrosion control imperviousness.  Are the criteria in ACI 350 appropriate
for a swimming pool?

I also have The PCA publication "Rectangular Concrete Tanks", 1998 edition
that seems to provide the factors needed to evaluate the moments and shears
in the walls and bottom of the structure.

I visualize designing the empty pool as a tank structure retaining
inward-acting active earth pressure or flooded backfill.  Outward pressure
is less clear -- the walls will be confined by passive soil pressure, which
will reduce the net outward pressure, but the relative rigidities of soil
and tank walls would need to be evaluated in order to determine the net
outward pressure -- is that what is done?

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer