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RE: More "furrin code" stuff

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I must be extremely fortunate.

I work primarily  in the USA (probably to the tune of US$300 million+ per
year), and haven't been sued. Indeed, I've had two "filings' agains
projects done while I was chief engineer at another consultant. All of them
went away, although one of them went from asking $750K to $7K, at which
point we coughed up the 7K just to make it go away.

On that basis, I'm probably the last person qualified to answer this
question. However, my own experience is to the contrary. Having said that,
I have NEVER been sued in a foreign jurisdiction, so perhaps there's
something to the assertion that the US is the most litigious country in the

However, I can say that we should never, never  let the lawyers drive our
profession. If mother nature says it's so, then we'd better recognize the
fact. Pure and simple.

The minute we're afraid to change for fear of litigation, we're sunk.

Just my opinion. No doubt, there are colleagues who are licking their
litigious wounds who feel otherwise, and I understand where they might be
coming from.

Peter Higgins, SE.