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Re: Swimming Pools

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we use the two following conditions as extremes, (everything else falls in
between) - empty with full soil pressure; and full of water with no soil as it
may be leak tested prior to backfilling.

Nels Roselund wrote:

> I have a project for renovation of a historic residence that  includes a new
> swimming pool on the grounds.  It is to be a square-cornered pool that will
> be finished on the inside walls and bottom with a tile mosaic.  It will be
> constructed into an excavation into soil.
> Where can I find structural criteria for design of this kind of structure?
> What kind of recommendations should I request of the soils engineer?
> I've got a copy of ACI 350R-89 Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures
> that appears to have appropriate guidelines including crack control,
> corrosion control imperviousness.  Are the criteria in ACI 350 appropriate
> for a swimming pool?
> I also have The PCA publication "Rectangular Concrete Tanks", 1998 edition
> that seems to provide the factors needed to evaluate the moments and shears
> in the walls and bottom of the structure.
> I visualize designing the empty pool as a tank structure retaining
> inward-acting active earth pressure or flooded backfill.  Outward pressure
> is less clear -- the walls will be confined by passive soil pressure, which
> will reduce the net outward pressure, but the relative rigidities of soil
> and tank walls would need to be evaluated in order to determine the net
> outward pressure -- is that what is done?
> Nels Roselund
> Structural Engineer
fn:Kirk Haverland