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RE: More "furrin code" stuff

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Subject: RE: More "furrin code" stuff

However, I can say that we should never, never  let the lawyers drive our
profession. If mother nature says it's so, then we'd better recognize the
fact. Pure and simple.
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Actually, it's not the lawyers that drive things. It is JURIES, who are
convinced by lawyers that egregious harm has been done their clients, and a
legal remedy must be applied, in the form of a huge transfer of wealth.

We've had this discussion before. I favor "going bare" and letting the
lawyers eat vacuum for their efforts. If there are no perceived monetary
awards accruing from the deep pockets of insurers, then the lawyers, like
their cousins the sharks, will become disinterested in the prey that doesn't
wriggle, and move on.

Of course, this is a moot point when doing public sector work, for example.