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RE: More "furrin code" stuff

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>Actually, it's not the lawyers that drive things. It is JURIES, who are
>convinced by lawyers that egregious harm has been done their clients, and a
>legal remedy must be applied, in the form of a huge transfer of wealth.

Right as far as it goes, but, wait, there's more. Juries do make the 
awards, but it's clients who get the ball rolling. Either arrogant 
defendants who want protection from their own dishonesty or negligence or 
the chiselling plaintiffs looking to cash in on their foolishness. And 
before we get too judgemental, let's think about what sort of lawyer we 
ourselves might want if we got stopped for DWI one evening--one who's 
sole interest is the justice for all people everywhere or one who'll get 
us off the hook, whatever it takes? And if the case came to trial, would 
we be praying for a just verdict or simply not guilty?

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