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glass wall pool

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Andy Vidikan wrote:

< I am working on a custom home where the swimming pool is to be separated
the basement by a glass wall Somewhat similar to a commercial aquarium.
anybody be able to give me some leads to any engineering firms doing this 
type of work (pools). I am definitely not brave enough nor knowledgeable to 
design such structures. Any leads are appreciated. >

In Star Trek IV, Mr. Scott typed like a mother and showed this Plexiglas guy
how to hold a million cubic feet of water and two humback whales. The Secret

Seriously though, Good luck in your quest. Try who ever designed the
Monterey Bay Aquarium (Also featured in Star Trek IV), I am sure they could
help you.

p.s.: I wonder how much AutoCAD LT sells for on Crackwagon dot com .. 5
bucks??? It shouldn't be any surprise that they can get into the email list
easily... After all, these guys can figure out how take off the installation
codes off of software, I am sure what ever defense mechanism we have on our
site is a simple little speed bumps to computer guys like these.

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