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RE: ENR Article - This is a good one for the Marketing Thread.

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(and I really do have to get back to work>)
I don't buy the argument you used because the action of giving away a
browser was not what cornered the market. If you use that argument, than I
should never have donated the lateral design spreadsheet to the community
because it would hurt Keymark and Woodwork's market - which I doubt it made
a dent in. FWIW, I do plan on coming out with a commercial lateral design
spreadsheet in the next four to six months, however, the spreadsheet on the
SEAINT website will remain free and evolve through user interaction. I don't
see it as a threat to my commercial software. The difference in software's
will be a change in those sections which were donated by others in good
faith of keeping it free and the addition of a user friendly interface and
on-line or printed users guide which is requires a sufficient investment on
my part to create.

Once I release my commercial software, I doubt that it will make a dent
again in Woodworks or Keymark's software. They simply have more resources
that I to advertise and market their products and to be consistent with it.

We should never be afraid to donate our services - especially in this
industry. This is not what creates the monopoly. I won't get into
Microsoft's business practices but it appears as though they did much more
than offer a free browser - they intentionally squashed the market for
Netscape and refused to all others unrestricted access to their operating
system for development of competing products.

Enough, I think I made my point. I have a project due in the morning, today
is my 50th birthday and I have to work through tonight to meet my schedule.
Oh well, I guess there's next year:o)